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James Wright

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8855 W. Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas
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  • Yes
Services provided
Holistic Dentistry
Mercury Free Dentistry
Mercury Safe Amalgam Filling Removal
Comprehensive General & Preventative Dentistry
Early Detect - Dopler-like cavity detection
Dental Implant Placement & Restoration
Sinus Lifts & Bone Grafting
Zirconia Implants
Implant Dentures
Cosmetic Dentistry
Zoom Advanced Power 1-Hour Whitening
Invisalign Braces (Invisable Orthodontics)
Lumineers Certified Dentist
Lumineers, no prep veneers
Traditional Veneers (MAC, LV, daVinci)
Non-Fluoride Dental Cleanings
State of the Art Periodontal Treatment (Gum Care)
Laser & Traditional Gum Surgery
Gum Treatment - Periodontal Treatments
Complimentary Conscious Sedation
Saliva Testing & Treatment
Prosthodontics, (Dentures & Bridges)
TMJ/TMD Treatment
Headache - Migraine Treatment
Sleep - Insomnia Treatment

Advanced Laser Cavity Detection. Initial Comprehensive Exam includes Intra-Oral Photographs; these provide a visual understanding for our patients, of their unique dental situation. Natural Lavender Aromatherapy, Complimentary Spa Services & Refreshments are provided to welcome & soothe our patients.

Dr. Wright's High Rating by His Peers, reputation for perfectionism & 25 years experience; Lumineers, Traditional Veneers & Holistic approach. Beautiful & Safe Care. Periodontal Specialist; Implants, Gum & Dental Surgeries, Sinus Lifts & Bone Grafting.

FOUR SEASONS Holistic, Biological Dental approach gives Patients the Safest possible State of the Art methods for Mercury filling removal. After removing Mercury, Quality BPA Free or BPA Inactive, Nano-Hybrid resin composite filling materials & our doctor's expertise can strengthen teeth significantly. Gentle Caring Staff Members will help you to achieve Your Desired Results.”

Dr. James Wright can brighten your smile.
Call 702-281-990 for your initial New Patient Welcome Package which includes;Comprehensive Exam, "Early Detect" Cavity detection system, Velscope- pre-oral cancer screening, Full mouth digital reduced radiation full mouth x-rays and fluoride free dental cleaning.

Safe Mercury Filling Removal, Lumineers, Traditional Veneers, Dental Implant or Invisalign consultation.

Marquette University 1988 Graduate
25 Years in Practice

We Accept Credit Cards

Accept PPO Insurance

Also at Four Seasons Dental Facility
State Of The Art, In-Network Dental Insurance Dentistry... Quality, Mercury Free, Dental Care.

Alternative Languages: Spanish

We accept patients of all ages:
Adults, Seniors, Adolescents & Children

Nearby Towns:
Las Vegas (Summerlin), NV - Henderson, NV

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"LAS VEGAS HOLISTIC DENTIST" Safe mercury removal using IAOMT protocols; offering gentle & compassionate, comprehensive dental care with Dentists and Specialists on-site. Complimentary Conscious Sedation used to relax patients.

Best known for Holistic Dentistry, Lumineers (no-prep veneers)* & Traditional Veneers, non-surgical TMJ therapy, State of the Art Periodontal Treatment. High-tech Low Radiation Digital X-rays & Nearly Noiseless Drills.
*in most cases.
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