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Aelred C. Fonder Memorial Scholarship

Dear Recent Dental Graduate:

As the past president of the Holistic Dental Association, I would like to welcome you personally into the dental profession and share with you the advantages of becoming a biological dentist.

Newer diagnostic and treatment technologies now exist which enable biologically trained dentists to successfully treat dental-related problems that defy traditional therapies. Biological dentistry encompasses an innovative, science-based paradigm that focuses on treating the entire patient: structurally, nutritionally and spiritually. Patient examinations involve uncovering and treating the causative factors of caries, periodontal disease, trigeminal neuralgia, atypical facial pain, migraine headaches, malocclusions, jaw osteomyelitis and other medical/dental maladies. Use of biocompatible dental materials as well as other non-toxic substances will help insure health of the (patient's) immune system. Restoration of teeth and the challenge of partials, full dentures and orthodontic and crown and bridge techniques are accomplished with three-dimensional analysis that impacts on the functionality of the (patient's) entire body.

Dentistry presents many opportunities that will provide the challenges of cosmetic and functional rehabilitation, innovative research, personal, financial and career satisfaction. These career choices are important considerations in your selection of post-graduate courses. An even higher priority is the spread of health maintenance dental insurance (which challenges one's career security) provided by the aforementioned professional benefits. You now have a means of achieving the positive career goals and avoiding the pitfalls of insurance domination over your professional career. This choice is an exciting specialty called biological dentistry.

Through its Aelred C. Fonder Memorial scholarship fund, The Holistic Dental Association is now offering recent dental school graduates a free one-year Professional membership. Participation offers our professional journal, access to articles on our web site, a web course on Mercury Amalgam Syndrome, teleconferencing updates, and communication with biologically-trained dentists to help guide your professional journey.

It is estimated that 70 percent of all medical illnesses are related to dental problems. With this in mind, we invite you to take the challenge of investigating the most innovative and exciting field in dentistry today so that you can make a difference.

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